Language Arts:

The Language Arts encompass the academic subjects that enable the learner to listen, speak, read, and write clearly and effectively. Whether your child is an emergent reader just beginning to navigate the sound/symbol relationships and understandings necessary for decoding the language, or an older reader still searching for the key to reading confidently, fluently, and for greater understanding, New Growth presents the tools, strategies, and practice toward optimal growth.


The scope and content of mathematics instruction at each grade level assumes some degree of mastery in the various mathematical concepts presented the year prior. A multi-faceted discipline, mathematics includes instruction in algebraic thought, computational skills, base-ten operations, measurement, the manipulation of data, and geometric concepts. Within each of these areas of understanding, instruction must evolve from hands-on, concrete experiences to more abstract problem solving. Our ability to learn from these experiences must evolve as well. New Growth can provide the intervention necessary to strengthen foundational understandings for continued growth in the discipline.